Player Profiles and Rankings


 *Important * - Rankings below are calculated from USPA sanctioned tournament game results. All USPA sanctioned tournaments will have 21-point games. All players will start at zero at the beginning of the year's tournament calendar. Only valid members of the USPA will be listed or will be considered for cash rewards. The formula below has been devised from issues the USPA Board felt should be considered. Feel free to submit your views. The USPA may change certain factors of this ranking system as issues may arise. Data will change as the year progresses and more members enter tournaments. Below you will find a list of benefits to this rating system.

Benefits to this system
1. Rewards players for total points achieved so winners will have the most points.
2. Rewards players for entering tournaments.
3. Player is compensated for difficulty level from tournaments with more teams participating.
4. Event Credit varies according to sanctioning and tournament importance.
5. Player is compensated by accruing more points in Tournaments with more teams.
6. Players can play with other partners but will gain points as team.
7. Semifinalists can play for third place honors but cannot factor in game points.
8. Each tournament will offer their own level of prizes.
9. For Singles Rankings, players will have to play singles games.


USPA Big Ball Player Rankings 2006

as of June 1st 2006

Points Player Name St
193.00 Keith Jackson NY
138.74 Bay Lui NY
136.10 Salvatore Esposito Jr. NY
133.74 Richard Miller NY
112.40 Nicholas Theodorakis NY
109.00 Glen Winokur NY
108.60 David Blatt NY
108.60 Robert Freedman NY
99.00 Robert Sostre NY
84.00 Troy Varsik NY
79.00 Robert Fiorentino NY
74.00 Benjamin Ramos NJ
73.90 Paul Angel NY
71.40 Steve Ikonomou NY
57.00 Michael Dembin FL
57.00 Nelson Deida NY 
56.00 Kenny Armwood FL
56.00 Oscar Negron FL
49.00 Charles Manse NY
49.00 Jerry Ramos FL
40.00 Herbie Franqui FL
40.00 Neal Pickett FL
37.10 Kevin Jones NY
37.00 Luis Miranda PR
37.00 Osvaldo Ramirez PR
32.90 James Sands NY
32.90 Louis Estrella NY
32.90 Ronald Ling NY
32.00 Alfred Santiago FL
32.00 Joseph Cherry FL
30.10 Kevin Cullen NY 
30.10 Vito DiSpigna PR
29.00 George Romero FL
29.00 Jaime Hernandez FL
28.00 Benjamin Dembin FL
28.00 Maurice Chrabie FL
25.00 Erick Tirado PR
25.00 Victor Cortes PR
21.00 Jaime Pozo FL
21.00 Nathan Krowitz FL
14.00 Terrence McElroy NY
14.00 Wilson Camacho FL
12.00 Angel Calle FL
12.00 Emilio Gomez FL
10.00 Edwin Muller PR
10.00 Peter Sotomayor PR
8.40 John Tang NY
8.40 Mtichell Goldberg NJ
8.00 Henry Marquez FL
8.00 Joseph Reyes FL
5.60 Edison NY
5.60 Kim NY
4.20 Edward Buonomo NY
4.20 Robert Basso NY
2.00 Marcus Quintana FL
2.00 Sonny Edger FL


USPA Small Ball Player Rankings 2006

Div. A as of June 1st, 2006

Total Pts Player Name St
105.00 Richard Miller NY 
105.00 Sheik Bachus NY 
98.00 Kenneth Armwood FL
98.00 Ernesto Myrie NY
56.00 Keith Jackson NY
56.00 Brian Lawrence NJ
48.00 Ronald Ling NY
48.00 Mitchell Goldberg NJ
41.00 Herbie Franqui FL
41.00 Farley Figueroa NY
36.00 Neal Pickett FL
36.00 Mike Dembin FL
35.00 Steven Smith NY
35.00 Rodney Glasgow NY
29.00 Al Santiago FL
29.00 Joe Sein FL
27.00 Andre Hopkins NY
27.00 James Sands NY
26.00 Jerry Ramos FL
26.00 Anthony Rodriguez NY
14.00 George Olmo NY
14.00 Jaime Pozo FL
14.00 Richie Gonzalez NY
14.00 Jack Zinzi NY
13.00 Juan Aused FL
13.00 George Romero FL
11.00 John Khatiblou FL
11.00 Joseph Cherry FL
10.00 Luis Benitez NY
10.00 Rick Bellomee NY
10.00 William Freites FL
10.00 Carlos Garcia NY
9.00 Edward Aviles FL
9.00 Juan Cruz FL
7.00 Henry Corona NY
7.00 William Gonzalez NY
6.00 Jose Hernandez FL
6.00 Carlos Lagares NY
1.00 Kenneth Rivera NY
1.00 David Fuentes NY