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USPA Members will receive many benefits including:

  - A U.S.P.A. Membership Identification Card
  - A copy of the U.S.P.A. Official Rules for One-Wall Paddleball and Racquetball
  - The posting of your name as a  supporting USPA member on this website
  - Participation in U.S.P.A. National Championship events
  - Participation in all U.S.P.A. sanctioned events, leagues, tournaments  (10 per year, NYC & FL)
  - Discounts on U.S.P.A. approved merchandise
Opportunity to earn U.S.P.A. National Ranking Positions and associated Rewards
  - Insurance coverage when participating in U.S.P.A. sanctioned tournaments Nationwide
  - A voice and a vote in the development, growth and organization of
    the sport of One-Wall Paddleball
  - Free e-mail notification of U.S.P.A. events and news
  - Discounts on products and services from participating sponsors


Yearly Membership Dues


Yearly membership dues are $20.00 for Adults and $10.00 for Children. This membership begins once information and fees have been received and processed by the U.S.P.A.. The annual dues period is per calendar year, January 1-December 31.  We encourage new or renewing members to sign up at the beginning of that cycle year to get the most out of you membership.  However, all annual memberships will expire on December 31 regardless of when you sign up.  We encourage memberships to be completed via this website and prior to the first USPA scheduled event.  which is in the first week of February. The last event is normally scheduled in the month of October.

U.S.P.A. membership is not refundable. The membership services will be effective to the end of the annual payment period.  Please review the membership information and form carefully.

Would you like to join the U.S.P.A.?

For your convenience, we have provided an Online Registration Form. You can use it to join for the first time or renew your membership . You may also download or print the U.SP.A. Membership Form and mail it in. Your support helps the sport of One-Wall Paddleball grow with quality and fun. As a player-run organization, the U.S.P.A. is exactly what members make it. Your dues, donations and passion for paddleball will keep the sport going and growing!

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